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First Race of 2015

Bernie reported from the Jim Lobdell Memorial Sled Dog Races in Clarendon, PA, held January 17 and 18.

Our Chesapeake Siberian Sled Racing team just got back from a fantastic and fun filled race weekend in Western PA with our dogs, 33 Siberian Huskies, including our mascot and Public Relations Coordinator – “Blizzard”.
After all the races were over, awards given, we wanted to take a group picture of each of our mushers and their lead dog(s).
I shot one of the way we WANT you to see it,…
Then I snuck the second shot in, when they were NOT paying attention (that happens occasionally in our Group)…as a perfect example of the REALITY in this wonderful group of friends and our dogs.
PS, and for Jill, this was her very first sled dog race ever, she made it around the entire course, (5 miles, with a 4 dog team) uneventfully, BOTH days, and ultimately placed 5th out of 11 teams entered in her class! I’m SO proud of her, considering…she did not have *real* lead dogs!
Left to right: Storm Simms (Jill) with “Luna”, Cassandra Florian with “Lily”, Joseph Fitzgerald with “Holly”, Ron Gagne and Terri Rendon with Hiro and Halley.

Mushers and their lead dogs

Mushers and their lead dogs

Mushers with their lead dogs - trying to pose

Mushers with their lead dogs – trying to pose

Another photo from Bernie of the whole crew that made it to this race.

Members of the Chesapeake racing team

Members of the Chesapeake racing team

Kevin, Cassandra, Debby, Jill, Ron, Edie, Sandrina, Bernie, Gale, Terri, and Joe.


January 2015 Match Results

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in our Match on January 3.

Winners of the adult classes were two littermates:

Ron and Terri’s Robin (Amorok’s Boy Wonder) – Best adult

Bernie’s Shine (Amorok’s Skylight of Knega) – Best of Opposite

Winner of the puppy classes was Diane’s Houston (Talini’s We Don’t Have A Problem)

BOS puppy was Mya (Huskavarna’s Sparkling Diamond)

Terri with Robin and Debby with Shine. Judge Joannie Clas

Terri with Robin and Debby with Shine. Judge Joannie Clas

Anne Hennessey showed two dogs, Doug and Krosby, in obedience. Both did very well and are looking forward to competing at our Specialty.

For more photos of the event check out the Chesapeake Siberian Husky Club Facebook page.

Here is a complete list of winners:

Puppy Dog 3-6 months
1 Houston   D.Baskin
2 Ranger   S.Denick
Puppy Dog 6-9 months
1 Magnum   M.Lewis
Puppy Bitch 3-6 months
1 Maya   R.Wojcicki
2 Tabitha   G.Tench
3 Willow   B.Garrett

Best Puppy in Match: Houston, D. Baskin
Best Puppy of Opposite Sex: Maya, R. Wojcicki

12-18 Month Dog
1 Robin   R.Gagne
Pointed Dog
1 Hiro   R.Gagne
2 Gretzky   D. & J. Fitzgerald
3 Knight   R. & C. Appleton
Sled Dog Dog
1 Greyson   G. Tench
2 Gretzky   D. & J. Fitzgerald
12-18 Month Bitch
1 Shine   D. Fitzgerald & B. Rogers
2 Pi   D. Fitzgerald
Open Bitch
1 Lilly   G. Tench
Sled Dog Bitch
1 Blaze (shown FEO)   S. Phipps

Best Adult in Match: Robin, R. Gagne
Best Adult of Opposite Sex: Shine, Fitzgerald & Rogers