2013 Calcutta

Friends, Food, Fun, and Fundraising! All part of our annual Calcutta races held this past Saturday (Nov. 16).

Why is this called a ‘Calcutta’?

Here is the description of a ‘Calcutta auction’ from Wikipedia:
A Calcutta auction is an open auction held in conjunction with a golf tournament, horse race or similar contest with multiple entrants.
Bidding for each contestant begins in random order, with only one contestant being bid upon at any time. Accordingly, participants (originally in Calcutta, India, from where this technique was first recorded by the Colonial British) bid among themselves to “buy” each of the contestants, with each contestant being assigned to the highest bidder. The contestant will then pay out to the owner a predetermined proportion of the pool depending on how it performs in the tournament.

For the CSHC dog cart races we form teams of three dogs with one musher. People bid on the teams. The club gets half the proceeds (the fundraising part of the event) and the top three team owners split the rest. The fastest team musher also gets a prize. To make things more interesting each owner draws a number (0-5) which adds a penalty (0-2.5 sec) to the time of their team.

This year we had experienced mushers (Roland and Joe) and a number of novices (Jill, Cassandra, Rob). There were also a lot of young, inexperienced dogs. But overall most did very well. There was one sort of pile up and a number of teams wanted to turn off in the middle of the course, but most made it to the end.

First place was won by Jill with the team of Holly, Sarge, and Lilly, owned by Bernie.

Second place was Roland with Knight, Savannah, and Ranger, owned by Carolan.

Third place was Cassandra with Braego, Grayson, and Sobe, owned by John.

The team with the fastest actual time was Roland’s with Knight, Savannah, and Ranger.

Here are the full results.


Racing was followed by food and a meeting.

One dish from the food spread

A few photos of the day, thanks to Bernie.


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